Prospective AmeriCorps Members

With nearly 1 million members serving a variety of service terms in their communities since its inception in 1994, AmeriCorps is truly “Getting things done!” We are glad you are interested in joining AmeriCorps! However, please make sure you have communicated with your Campus Coordinator prior to taking next steps to enroll in this program. You must be approved to enroll before completing the orientation. Contact and ask who your Campus Coordinator is! 


The Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program will enroll over 700 members during the 2015-2016 grant year, which is open for enrollment from August 15, 2015 until August 14, 2016. Members will serve a cumulative 205,000 hours of service; together, they will earn nearly $1,000,000 in education awards! Currently, the Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program is available to eligible students at Utah Campus Compact member institutions. Click on the "UCC AmeriCorps Program Campus Coordinators" link on the right of the screen under "Quick Links" to view Campus Coordinators at our institutions. 

We are excited for you to join our program and make a difference in your community.

Utah Campus Compact’s AmeriCorps Program offers three term options with respective education awards. Many institutions only offer one or two of these choices. Be sure you can commit to the service requirement before pursuing enrollment.

·         300-hour term of service: $1,212

·         450-hour term of service: $1,515

·         675-hour term of service: $2,182

After successfully completing their term, members will earn The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. The award can be used to:

·         Repay qualified direct or indirect loans

·         The Education Award is good for up to 7 years, members can use it to go towards graduate programs, continuing education, trade and specialty school, and study                abroad.

·         Members can apply the Education Award to current education expenses for the cost of attendance to be used after completing their term through the financial aid               office

Forbearance- During your term of service, you may also qualify for forbearance, or stopping the required re-payment of student loans, and/or interest on those loans. You can find more information here.

What are the steps to be enrolled as a Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Member?

Step 1 - After receiving the green light from your Campus Coordinator, you must take the required Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Orientation and pass a brief quiz afterwards with a score of 80% or higher. You may attend an in-person orientation (if offered by your institution) or one of our orientations offered online. View our calendar HERE if you would like to take an online orientation. The orientations are labeled as "Prospective AmeriCorps Orientation". Depending on the orientation you decide to take, it will determine your service start date. Please read the details of the orientation before registering. UCC has two enrollment start dates, the 1st of the month and the 15th of the month. Your orientation date determines your start date.

Step 2 -  You are required to get your fingerprints taken for an FBI Background Check. You will not be enrolled in the Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program until we have received confirmation that either you got your fingerprints done or you have scheduled a specific day to get your fingerprints done. If you intend to get fingerprints done at a location that is not on UCC's list of fingerprint locations, you MUST contact Utah Campus Compact at to get on a list for another location. Please also make sure that you are NOT paying out of your own pocket for fingerprints. Utah Campus Compact will not be able to reimburse you if you pay for your own fingerprints.

Step 3 - Each site must apply to host AmeriCorps members by completing a Qualified Site Contract. The Contract can be found in the "Quick Links" table on the right of the page. View the Qualified Service Sites list (also found under Quick Links), to see if the site you want to serve at is qualified. Your site does not need to complete a Qualified Site Contract if it's already on the list.   

Step 4 - Once you complete the orientation, we will send an email which will provide you with a link asking you to fill out a Google Doc form. With the information collected from the form, we will be able to enter you into our IPT system, send you the login credentials, and have you start your enrollment application online!

As discussed in the Orientation, you must have the forms below completed prior to meeting with your Campus Coordinator:

1.     Google Doc form (for access to IPT)

2.     Position Description (provided to you by your Campus Coordinator)

3.     Qualified Site Contract (if your site is not on our list)

4.     Enrollment Eligibility Form (online in IPT)

5.     Member Service Agreement Form (online in IPT)

6.     Government Issued ID (your Coordinator will need this to verify your date of birth)

7.     Lastly, you will receive an email from asking you to complete your online enrollment. You must have access to this website as it will be the same               place you will go to retrieve your Education Award. 

We look forward to enrolling you in the AmeriCorps program!  The most important thing you can do is to make sure you are enrolled quickly and to make sure all the required forms that are discussed about in the online orientation are completed before meeting with your campus coordinator and before you even begin your service. Please contact your campus coordinator if you have any questions or concerns as you go through the enrollment process. 

Refer to the "Quick Links" on the right screen of the page for helpful documents and references. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Utah Campus Compact?

Utah Campus Compact houses the AmeriCorps grant which you will be participating in. They serve as a support to the campus coordinators and the site supervisors. If you have any problems which cannot be resolved by your site or campus, you can contact the staff at Utah Campus Compact at

Who are campus coordinators?

Campus coordinators are the people at your college or university who will support you as you enroll and complete your AmeriCorps term of service. Your campus coordinator works closely and communicates with Utah Campus Compact. They will work with you and Utah Campus Compact if you have troubles during your service, if you are delinquent with your time logs, and when you enroll and exit from the program. They should be your first stop with questions, concerns, and paperwork.

Who are site supervisors?

Site supervisors work at the non-profit, school, or government organization where you will be completing the bulk of your service hours. They will be the people who look at your time logs and approve them first. In some cases, you may have a faculty member who serves as your site supervisor. Supervisors cannot be a relative or friend and must be employed by the organization where you serve.

When do I get my Education Award? 

After you have fulfilled your duties as specified in your member contract and have completed all your hours, you will begin to exit the program. This process usually takes about two weeks from the time you meet with your Campus Coordinator. Once you are exited from the program and received the email indicating you have been exited successfully, allow another two weeks for your education award to appear in your myamericorps portal at 

How can you become a VISTA with UCC?

1) Go to www.nationalservice.govand learn about the AmeriCorps VISTA Program

2)  Make a profile on

3) Apply at First go to website, and then click on “programs” at the top of the page.  Select VISTA, and search Utah on the right hand side of the page. The position will be under “Higher Education Elevated”.  You may also contact Val, the VISTA Leader at UCC ( 801-366-8462) if you have problems or questions.  The national service website works best using Internet Explorer as your browser.
Helpful Websites:

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